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Seeking a C4ISR technical position where I can fully utilize my experience: 15+ years in Defense, 10+ years in Telecommunications industries and Information Systems. I have an OEM perspective while working at Northern Telecom (Nortel) and as a telecomm wireless service provider while at Sprint PCS (Sprint Nextel).  With 20+ year’s hardware/software integration test experience most recently C4ISR, SoSI in
Maritime & Army senor systems.  I am a Retired Lockheed Martin Engineer a Retired Reserve Navy Officer and my security clearance is current.
Senior Systems Engineer  L-3 Communications
12.2010 – Present  Identify, categorize, and prioritize joint sensors, for a C4ISR Ops Intel Fusion initiative, of all networkable sensors used in current CENTCOM operations.  I  completed study of UAV ground control systems specifically for U.S. Army Echelons that are used in current operations for ABCS SoSI.  In 2011 assisted TCM MC Integration Branch in a study to see the viability of CIDNE for future Army use. Completed multiple requirements crosswalks between CIDNE & CPOF along with CIDNE and MCS. Integrate joint sensors and the Army’s ABCS SoS into a single display with common graphics, and compose Info Paper, CONOPS or CONEPS and OV-1 documentation.  Identify common graphics between Army (ARNORTH) and Homeland Security systems for a similar Common Operational Display (COP) utilizing equivalent MIL STD 2525 symbols.
Senior Systems Engineer  Lockheed Martin, Maritime Systems & Sensors 10.2001 – Retirement (12.2010)  Aegis BMD software test and integration engineering.  Taiwan Po Sheng SoSI testing of COTS/GOTS C4ISR software.  Japan J5 C3I test software engineering.  Aegis BMD software test & system engineering.  ET&E requirements, regression and 6-24hr. stress tests.  Tested software designs for C3I, and display, along with Link-16, testing for both CG & DDG ships.  Performed requirements engineering for DDG1000 Builds 4.1, 4.2 & 5.0 in DOORS, completing build updates or revisions.  Performed DDG1000 IQT initially with Lockheed MS2 QA then FQT with Raytheon & TECREP.  Successful FQT COTS component was ready for Element integration.  Worked on the Missile Defense System Exerciser (MDSE) Team as the Tactical RE for Radar, Display, Weapons and Link testing Aegis BMD software in simulated Missile Defense scenarios as a National Team Aegis shipboard missile defense segment.  Australian AWD for GCCS-M and Staff functions. Australian LHD proposal effort as the SME for Amphibious Ops and GCCS-M. Worked the NATO SE&I proposal team as the Scenario & CONOPS author. Assisted C4ISR System Architect effort with inputs from PDI database. DJC2 – Deployable Joint Command and Control Program, Product Team Rep responsible for integration of GCCS-M for DJC2. GCCS-M TI Working on various issues pertaining to integration of GCCS-M 3.x and GCCS-M 4.x into display systems.
Test & Evaluation Systems Engineer Staff  Lockheed Martin, Tactical Aircraft Systems 10.1998 – 10.2001  Worked F-16 test stations for displays. F-16 Special Access proposal projects along with Army Information Warfare proposal projects.  Staff responsibilities included managing computer systems for Test & Evaluation and Information Warfare engineers. Specify, recommend, evaluate and approve Computer/Telecom systems. Responsible for managing WAN network infrastructure along with enterprise W2k legacy systems. Tasked contractor personnel who are overall responsible for systems and Telecom in Aerospace operations to connect to remote location.  Responsible for design and implementation of future enterprise system integration and network infrastructure upgrades for newly established remote locations.  Responsible for integration testing along re-design authority.  Implemented programs such as metrics collection along with system and software consolidation. Designed or redesigned the various Lucent and Cisco routed network schemes and troubleshooting. Used HP OpenView for network monitoring for system metrics.
Senior Systems Engineer  Sprint PCS (a.k.a. Sprint Nextel) 6.1996 – 10.1998  Wireless Nationwide CDMA Network Cellular Provider. Responsible for the planning and expansion of the Sprint PCS CDMA Southern California Market. This region includes the second largest market: Los Angeles and the fourteenth largest market: San Diego.  Los Angeles includes seven Lucent 5ESS 12 switches supporting 5 carriers on Lucent Mod/Mini/Micro Cells.  San Diego with three Lucent switches supporting 2 carriers.  Interface with Operations, Site Development to plan cell site design for future area subscriber growth.  Los Angeles was utilized at a test bed for new hardware testing; when successful would be adopted nationally.  Implemented 3D data/voice Server.  I interface with VMS, SS7, Transport & Traffic groups to resolve issues pertaining to growth and forecast for the markets that I was responsible. Sprint Lab testing to create installation hardware/software procedures prior to sending to field switch site.  Worked with two RF departments to design and fix drop call areas.
Field Installation & Test EngineerAdvanced Modular 8.1993 – 6.1996  OEM, Enterprise Systems – Micro startup by former DEC founder, President and CEO, Ken Olsen. Field installed custom computer systems for database or digital imaging. Responsible for supporting customers throughout the Midwest and Western US. Industrial design Systems, Alpha, single or dual Pentium chipsets with array storage using high capacity hard drives in Raid configuration. Systems use controller cards, using NetWare or NT OS.  Systems designed specifically for database or storing images from hi-res scanners with customized software to replace current pre-press production. Network to Power Macintosh and Pentium PC workstations. Perform OEM VAR field support as systems were installed or repaired, expanded or upgraded systems to accommodate additional capacity. Field feedback via direct dial-in to help desk software. Assisted with development of compression schemes for storage, as processes are migrated to digital. Document hardware changes; assist with imaging research and development by refining process while on site. Train customers MIS staffs in performance and functionality of systems. Assist in marketing by providing field feedback to sales, engineering and manufacturing
Field Installation & Test EngineerNorthern Telecom (a.k.a. Nortel) 8.19868.1993  System Integration – Field Engineering – System Testing. OEM, Central Office switches and PBX’s. Field hardware and software testing for DMS10, DMS100 and DMS200 Central Office switches sold to LEC’s. Responsible for acceptance testing/certification of DMS250 Long Distance switches for Sprint, MCI and AT&T. Meridian PBX systems testing/certification prior to being resold by LEC’s. Traveled to Central Office’s to test local and long distance switching  software and subsystems throughout the United States. Each service provider had its own unique testing requirements or specification procedures which I was required to conform. I made engineering adjustments and recommendations to our headquarters to ensure successful acceptance.  Installations included upgrades to ISDN service and fully compatible digital service. During my final year I worked at McDonnell Douglas, St. Louis (Boeing) as a WAN field engineer, responsible for communication, switching systems and troubleshooting remote site systems.