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We create Resumes’ utilizing both effective and strategic KEYWORDS and SKILL SETS to ensure high-level success within the ATS Tracking System! We also personalize and customize each and every resume and cover letter to the target segment(s) you are pursuing. You must sell yourself to the potential employer and stick out among the rest, in both a professional and personal way. If you truly create the necessary effects, ensuring the resume/cover letter receives the attention it so deserves, the result is an interested party, and subsequently the Interview! We have been in business for over 40 years and written over 55,000 resumes; we know what works and what does not. You will always receive our best among our writing staff. We will create high-level quality and sincerity throughout your resume bringing you closer to the employer, therefore the position and/or career of your pursuit. We effectively sell you within the first 10 to 15 seconds of reading your resume and the employer will obtain the “value” you bring, therefore they read the rest of your resume, resulting in greater understanding of why you are the right candidate for this opportunity.


Advantage Resume will complete your Resume in a timely fashion.

We also provide an expedited service meeting client’s turnaround timeframe needs. If you have changes we can complete all changes and email your Resume back to you within one day or less.

We offer a variety of resume services that can help you land the Interview and Career that you are looking for!  Advantage Resume also provides skilled writing for all social media including We also provide high-level and proven Career Coaching!

Please Note* There are numerous resume variations of each format demonstrated below. Each person has their own background, job pursuit(s), education, etc.; and this alone will determine which format and possible format variation to be utilized.
The Professional / Executive Resume Please see the Infographic Resume listed below, it is the cutting-edge format adhering to all needed keywords and skill sets to land the Interview.

This Resume (Functional Format) is complete with the Sell, Professional Work History, Education, Specialized Training, etc. for the Jobseeker who wants their Resume to be selected out of there significant competition. This is a comprehensive presentation of your skills, expertise, and abilities you bring to the position(s) within the Industry of your pursuit. What Employers want to know consist of the following: what are your key abilities, skills and/or expertise you have acquired throughout your work history that best summarizes the value you will now bring to the position(s) sought after in your Resume. We will create a “Profile” and with this information, within the first 10 to 20 seconds of reading this section, he or she will be convinced that you are the right candidate for the job. This will also ensure that the potential Employer will read on throughout your entire Resume, while maintaining their interest, to further educate them on your overall professional track record.

The Chronological Resume The Chronological Resume is a complete resume without the Sell “The Career Profile”; although still addressing all the fundamentals of a successful “winning” resume. A resume with the primary focus being on the work history; primarily utilized for individuals who have been in the same industry for over 10 years while having a generic pursuit. Not any one direction. A work of art at it’s best. This Resume is usually shorter in length, as it has no Profile. This format is for individuals who do not want to limit themselves to only one pursuit.
Targeted Resume This format is utilized for individuals who have a targeted approach to their job search; also having qualifications that make them a candidate for numerous pursuits. This Resume format will maintain a more specific approach to the entire job search process. In this case, the Cover Letter will bring to light the focus, if any, on what the Jobseeker wants the Employer to feel this candidate is most qualified to perform. This Resume is in the format of a Cover Letter, which is not your traditional Resume style.
Infographic Resume What are infographic resumes?

Infographic resumes are modern career documents that use graphic design elements including images, icons, graphs, charts, and pictures to tell the story of your career. These resumes are unique and vary from traditional resume styles in that basic text is not the primary focus throughout the document, instead, more focus is placed on the layout, color and styling to present the written content in a visually appealing manner. Such resumes are typically restricted to one page.
Cover Letter A Cover Letter is a document which is extremely necessary if you email, mail, or fax your resume; the protocol is to introduce your pursuit, and explain what you are pursuing and sell them on that quest. We take this a step further in the Cover Letter – we summarize your value and completely sell them on both your skill sets and keywords to maintain high-level competitiveness within the ATS Tracking System, so the potential employer awards you the Interview, and is enticed into actually reading your Resume. This is a highly skilled writing service that needs the attention of a professional writer.
Reference List A Reference List is basically a typing service. The Reference List consists of three to six professionals that know of you on a professional level. It can be three but no more than six. Do not use a Neighbor, Friend of Family Member. The actual individual (Reference) must be able to speak of you on your behalf and sell the potential employer on your skills, abilities and expertise. Please email or mail your References and we will create a professional Reference List matching the style of your Resume and/or other services purchased.
Resume Evaluation Submit your existing resume and our expert staff will review it and return our evaluation, usually by the next business day. Each evaluation will identify strengths of your resume, and look for potential problems areas. We’ll look at grammar, spelling, and style, and recommend ways you can improve your resume based on our 25 years of experience.

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