Jason Baker – Botanist

Jason William Baker

1105 E. 200 S. #4

Salt Lake City, UT 84102

(801) 920-4601

Email: jasonwbaker84@gmail.com




Weber State University, Ogden, Utah.

B.S. Botany, May 2006

Minor: Geospatial Analysis (GIS)




– Skilled in using Taxonomic keys to identify plants. Superior knowledge of the flora of the

Great Basin and familiar with flora of the northern Mojave.

– Knowledge of the methods of collecting and pressing plants for herbarium specimens.

– Skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Basic knowledge using Access.

– Skilled in the use of ArcGIS.

– Knowledge of electronic survey equipment (GPS and Electronic Total Station)




Botanical Garden Curator, Red Butte Botanical Garden, University of Utah, 300 Wakara Way

Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Duties: Maintain accurate plant records by updating the database and GIS as needed; accurately identify plant material utilizing taxonomic keys, monographs, herbarium specimens, outside professionals, etc.; accurately locate plant material on the GIS; accession all plant material intended as part of the living collections, verifying all information on the database and maps; and maintaining an off site backup of all information. Maintain accurate labels on plant material. Answer professional and public inquiries. Write articles or brochures for garden publications in my area of expertise. Maintain and update website and blooming blog.

Dates Employed: 10/06 – Present


GIS Technician, Utah Open Lands Conservation Association, Inc., 2188 S. Highland Dr., 203,

Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Duties: Create various maps that present habitat monitoring data.  Import, manipulate and export various file formats for editing and creation of presentable maps for property owners.  Maintain and update the GIS.
Dates Employed: 12/11 – Present

Supervisor: Arthur Morris PhD, Ecologist/Conservation Director


Wildlife Technician I, Division of Wildlife Resources, 735 N. 500 E. Provo, UT 84606

Duties: Monitored big game habitat by gathering data about browsed plant hedging, ground cover, species diversity and health, and soil erosion.
Skills: Collect, preserve and identify all unknown plants; Proficient at plant identification using a taxonomic key; Ability to estimate bare ground and ground cover using 1/4 meter quadrats using the Daubenmire method; Ability to drive in 4 wheel drive off road conditions; Ability to take useful study site photographs.

Dates Employed: 5/04 – 8/04 (Summer), 5/05 – 8/05 (Summer), 5/06 – 9/06 (Summer)


Lab Assistant, Weber State University Botany Dept., 3850 University Circle Ogden, UT 84408

Duties: Assisted Laboratory Manager in daily duties. Wash lab ware, wash pots. Maintain plants in greenhouse permanent collection. Propagate from seed and cutting, a wide variety of houseplants, succulents and garden plants to be sold at the annual fundraising plant sale.

Dates Employed: 9/05 – 5/06

Supervisor: Dawn Gatherum


Nurseryman, Willard Bay Gardens, 7095 South Highway 89, Willard, UT 84340

Duties: Assisted nursery owner with planting and maintenance and landscaping. Installed and maintained sprinkling systems. Used tractor to haul, dig and move soil.  Basic golf cart maintenance.

Dates Employed: 6/03 – 5/06 (Seasonal)

Supervisor: Barney Barnett


Maintenance/Groundskeeper, Westwood Village, 1111 N. 2000 W. Farr West, UT 84404

Duties: Swimming pool/hot tub maintenance. Garden maintenance: Weeding, shrub pruning and tree pruning, planting annuals and replacing dead or poor performing perennials. Main water pipe and valve repair.  Sprinkling system installation and repair.  Turf upkeep. Equipment maintenance.

Dates Employed: 9/96 – 3/04

Supervisor: Alan Mitchell (No longer manager) Contacts are still available.



–       Private botanical consultant and private water-wise landscape designer.

–       Volunteer, Weber State Herbarium, Botany Club President, Science Area Council,

–       Volunteer Science Fair Judge.

–       Volunteer Botanist and plant taxonomist for Utah Open Lands and other community persons/groups.

–       Field Botany mentor for Prescott College.

–       Regular blogger for plant-based blog site.




Available upon request.