From Joshua Black, Linkedin.com – 11/14/17 – Hey Craig, thanks for accepting my invite. That resume you wrote is incredible, it’s generating hits left and right. I was really impressed with your work and more so with you personally both as an individual and a professional. I’ve had three people asked me who i used for my resume, one was from an interview which I just had today.


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From: porsha revesz <porshacamille@yahoo.com>
To: Craig Kagel <vegasemployment@aol.com>
Sent: Wed, Nov 8, 2017 1:35 pm
Subject: Re: Dear Porsha, here is your Rough Draft #1, Very Sincerely, Craig

Hey Craig!! Wow!! It’s amazing!! Thank you!! You’re a genius!!  Only a couple of things…


In the golf experience it’s PGA not PCA.


Also PBR is the finals rodeo not a print campaign. But please include numerous print campaigns.


Also wondering about the contacts.  Do they not need to be on there?


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From: Marlon Innis <mdinnis24@gmail.com>
To: Craig Kagel <vegasemployment@aol.com>
Sent: Tue, Oct 31, 2017 8:57 am
Subject: Re: Dear Marlin, here is your Rough Draft #1, Very Sincerely, Craig
Thank you, Craig it looks awesome, can you do a Cover letter for the previously estimated price of 50 USD I will pay when they are ready thank you again. Marlon D Innis


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From: pfarrellsxz@yahoo.com
To: Vegasemployment@aol.com
Sent: 11/6/2015 1:51:40 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Re: Dear Patrick, here is your Rough Draft #1 my friend, Very Sincerely, Craig

Thank you again very much looks fantastic and will be sure to let everyone know of your expertise



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From: Rosa Estela <samjyd28@gmail.com>
To: Craig Kagel <vegasemployment@aol.com>
Sent: Fri, Oct 27, 2017 9:52 am
Subject: Re: Dear Rosa, here is your Resume Rough Draft #1, Very Sincerely, Craig

Thank you, it looks awesome! Thank you so much.




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From: Audrey Hyland &lt;ahyland.5329@gmail.com&gt;
Date:11/05/2015  2:26 PM  (GMT-08:00)
To: Craig Kagel &lt;vegasemployment@aol.com&gt;
Subject: Re: a question

Hello, Craig!
The info you sent is a great adjunct to the service you provided which has been invaluable.  I’ve tried not to engage in this practice, but I wish I had made it a priority to seek your services long ago.  I know many problems would have been avoided.  Oh well…you know what they say about hindsight…
I trust you are doing well & appreciate your prompt response.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Go well,
Audrey M. Hyland


From: taps900@gmail.com
To: Vegasemployment@aol.com
Sent: 11/3/2015 4:05:39 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Re: Dear Todd, here is your Rough Draft #1, Very Sincerely, Craig

Hi Craig, just now getting the opportunity to view the letter you worked so feverishly on.   I absolutely love it.  What I the procedure to getting copies of these document?
I want to thank you for your service and would be my pleasure refer you to anyone I can.


From: ahyland.5329@gmail.com
To: Vegasemployment@aol.com
Sent: 10/30/2015 12:11:41 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Re: Dear Audrey, here is your Rough Draft #1, Very Sincerely, Craig

Greetings, Craig!
Very Nice….I especially love the cover letter.  I made a few additions at the end of the CV…things you probably were not aware of unless you used a VERY fine toothed comb to go through the cumbersome sf171 form.
So, in the words of Elton Jon, “Where to now, St. Peter?”
A very, very nice job, Craig….EXCELLENTE.  You are a master extraordinaire!


From: rpwilliamslv@icloud.com
To: Vegasemployment@aol.com
Sent: 8/14/2015 7:51:07 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Dear Robert, here is your Rough Draft #1, Very Sincerely, Craig

Good Morning Craig,I am so thankful for the time you took recreating my resume.  It’s absolutely fabulous !! I’ve read the cover letter multiple times and you’ve managed to describe me with absolute accuracy.  The resume is perfect, you’ve emphasized and articulated in the way I wasn’t able to – me  being somewhat clouded when it comes to assessing myself.  The layout is stunning and eye catching.I’m looking forward to putting this resume to work.  For the first time in a while, I can pursue a job with confidence in my resume and leave the second guessing behind.Craig – Your a genius !!!!!   Thank you so muchRobert


From: donnalee222@msn.com

To: vegasemployment@aol.com
Sent: 10/19/2014 7:24:21 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Hello!

Hi Craig,

I am one of your satisfied former clients and just received an invite on LinkedIn. I do not have an account.

Hope your business is doing well. I’m sure it is. The resume you prepared for me years ago enabled me to get some great jobs. I am now doing consulting work and love working for myself as a long-term care nurse consultant.

I left LV in 2004 and have lived in in a couple states in executive nurse management positions.

I was reviewing your website and was wondering if you had some pricing structures. I may be able to refer you clients.

Have a productive week!

Donna Lee Ingram

“Thank you so much, Craig. This is exactly what I wanted. It was pleasure to meet you. We are back in Florida, and I am getting all my paperwork together to apply. You don’t know how much you helped me!” Yuliya

“This is a great resume and cover letter.  I have not see a letter like this before even when I was interview people for jobs.  I can use this. I will keep you informed as to what happens.  I would enjoy having strategic and significant marketing tools to help in my job hunt. Thank you, Jacqueline Poh”

“Great Job, Amazing is the only word I can come up with. Amazing…”

“Thank you for your assistance.  I have a job interview tomorrow at St. Rose Hospital in the Stroke/Trauma Department.”

“Thank you so much for such a great resume. I can tell a lot of thought and work hours went into it. I was very impressed with your choice of words and the overall professional appearance of the documents. Thank you so much and I will definitely recommend you to everyone for their resume and cover letter needs. Sincerely, Pam”

“Very Very Excellent Service and Extremely Skilled Writing Abilities…Their Resume and Job Search Assistance WORKED!!! I got the job and in this economy and market I am very fortunate. Thank you Advantage Resume…I called them all and checked them all out and you are in a different league on every level and in every way. Thank you so much.” – Jack Acosta

“I loved the Customer Service, the Office is extremely Professional, unlike others that I saw, and I am so glad I stayed with Advantage Resume…Their Resume was OUTSTANDING!!!, and I got the Interview. Their job search assistance was very helpful as well. I love them. Thank you so much. Being New to Las Vegas, I will never forget their excellence…Most of All, I got the JOB!!!!!I am very happy indeed. Thank you all so much. Love Much, Joyce”

“Your company got me the interview, job and my career of my dreams. Thank you. I love you guys….I am so pleased. Your a LAS VEGAS COMPANY THAT KNOWS LAS VEGAS, MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!!!! “

“Thank you for your professionalism, writing and job search assistance. It really worked. I will tell all about you. Thank God for your company. You are LOCAL BASED, AND REALLY KNOW THE LAS VEGAS MARKETPLACE, not like those (800) numbers, they do not understand Las Vegas. Again, all my best and thanks again, Sincerely, John Epstien”

“This is an outstanding company with extremely reasonable prices with such skilled writing. I landed the interview and job because of their work. Thank you so very very much. My best to you Guys!!!! Steven P. Allen”

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